Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weird dream and false awakening

This was not a typical OOBE for me, or even a lucid dream of an OOB event. It did have a false awakening though, so somehow it fits the category of non-physical.

I was dreaming I was at work at my office job, but not any office I remember ever actually working. I was going to meet my new boss. Everyone else seemed to know this person already. As I was waiting, I suddenly and with no thought of my own stood on one leg, and started to spin. Even though I had not thought of doing this, it seemed normal in some way as if I had known how to do it all my life. This would be like a figure skater doing a scratch spin, but with no skates and no ice.

As I spun, I became aware of energy starting to form around me. And it was spinning with me. When I stopped, the energy went on spinning. I noticed that my boss had entered and was directing some sort of energy field towards me. Maybe, my energy was supposed to shield me from this new person? I am not sure. I put out my hands to defend myself from the beam of energy directed towards me. It was intense. I could not fight it.

I woke up.

Or did I?

I woke up and was confronted by a sudden burst of energy directed towards me from behind. It was partly a force field holding me motionless, and partly a energy beam being directed to various parts of my body at the same time. It was again, very intense. I could not stand the sound or the pressure of the energy being forced through me.

I called out to someone that this was going to kill me. I heard a response, "You will not die. I will die." The torrential stream of energy continued to blast through me.

I said, “This is going to make me crazy!!!” I heard no response. Or there actually was a response, but I could not understand it over the noise.

Then, it stopped.

I thought I was being watched. There was movement near me, and I saw someone peering into the room from above the doorway over the shinning of a small flashlight which had been directed towards me. Then a young girl of around 6-7 walked into the room from the other direction. She had reddish blonde hair cut very short. She just stood there and stared at me. Then the one with the flashlight came in. He was obviously her brother with similar features and hair, and probably 3-4 years older than she was. I have vague memory that a third child, younger than the others was also there, but just at that point I woke up for real.