Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Out of Body Experiences

I have been having these experiences my entire life. I always wanted it to just stop as a child. It would not stop. Now, I would like to have these experiences more frequently, and they appear to have all but stopped happening. Sure, I had a good one or two recently, but my overall frequency has been declining for a number of years. Now, I have had a couple of instances of getting the vibrations- and have failed to get further along than that.

What is happening here? It makes me doubt the reality of the experiences that I have had over the years. I read back through the entries in this blog, and it all seems like a distant memory. Then I have a fairly good experience- as with the “Not here, Not now” a while ago, and it all comes back to me. Then it all seems real and possible again.

I guess that this is just an ongoing repetition of the way it has always been. I would go through stretches of time that I seemed to have numerous experiences, followed by equal times that I would not have any. The only difference is that long ago, I did not want the experiences- Now I do.

I see some on other sites discussing vibrations as if they are not really relevant to the OOBE or are only necessary in the beginnings. For me, having strong vibrations was always a prerequisite to having a good strong OOB like experience. The few times recently that I have had vibrations, I have not been able to focus on them as I have been able to do in the past. I notice them, but can’t get out. I try to focus on them to move them and intensify them, and they will not move, or they move to a point and get stuck. They will not alter as I know they have to for me to succeed. It seems like even with my life time of experiences, I seem to have lost some basic part of the ability.

Of course there is one difference in my past experience and those I have seen suggest the vibrations are not necessary to having an OOBE. I have always been more or less, a spontaneous projector. Most I see out there have decided to work at having the experience after they heard about it elsewhere.

Why haven’t I tried to produce an experience on my own? Oh, but I have tried many times with many different techniques. Some of them even worked- once. But, I could never reproduce an OOBE consistently using any method other than just waiting until I would normally have the experience. Sometimes if you try consistently, you may have an OOBE. Of course, you may have had it anyway even if you were not trying.

One might think I would be a good “method” projector since I know the sensations, and what to expect, and have no fear (usually anyway). It is interesting to me anyway, that in general; nothing else works for me except having a strong desire and being aware of the right circumstances to project. And that used to be enough.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trying to avoid the inevitable in pre-cognitive dream

When I was married long ago, my wife had a dream that she could not deal with, and went way beyond her scientific training. Here is how I described it at the time.

“She did have one odd dream when I knew her. It was totally of circumstances that made no sense to her at the time. In fact, she had not told me about this dream- odd as it seemed- until she started seeing certain parts of it happening in real life. Long story short, it involved a car crash that we were in. But she could not resolve the circumstances of the crash. We were with people she did not know at the time, on a road we seldom drove- and we were not driving. We were getting a ride from people I knew, but she had not met yet. Anyway, somewhere in the night she realized her dream was starting to happen. She totally freaked out and made us drive instead of getting a ride from my friends- so we would not be in the circumstance she had dreamed. Even so, we did find ourselves on that same road on the trip going home. And although we made it home in one piece, it was not without a close call. Someone came close to hitting us, pulling out into traffic after not coming to a full stop from a side road. Maybe my friend would not have seen this car if he had been driving. Maybe her having told me about it just made me extra alert to people doing odd things. . .”