Monday, September 16, 2013

Yet more chanting

Just a note to myself that last night it happened again with chanting.  This time I got more detail about what I saw during the time I was chanting. It does not really help me to see detail that does not mean anything to me.  But, it is interesting in some ways that the pattern of chanting and not going any "place" is becoming ingrained in me.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Here I am chanting again. . . Aum namah Shivaya and Aum

Aum namah Shivaya- and Aum is a very powerful combination chant for me while in a slightly different stage of conscious awareness.  I have not had any memorable experience of any kind since last February.

This experience started after I had already been asleep for a while and had awakened to find that I could not fall asleep again.  I was aware of laying there and suddenly I was hit by some force or other that knocked me sideways. I felt as if I was tumbling, but I was also aware of my body in bed still in the covers with my arms at my sides.  I was aware of the signal (?) I have heard before that my awareness had shifted, but it seems at this stage that I have to grab onto this signal, so to speak, to have any experience at all. In the past, this having to grab the signal has been hard. This time, my instinct was to chant Aum namah Shivaya- Aum namah on each inhalation, and Shivaya on each exhale.  Doing this seemed to grab that awareness of elsewhere and bring it more into focus.

This time, all of my sensations were much lower in frequency than past experiences where I had usually tried for higher and smoother vibrations.  These are low to the point of being aware of individual vibrating molecules.  None of this is easily described.  The chant of Aum namah Shivaya focused the power.  Putting this chant into more of a melodic chant helped increase the focus.  Dropping it occasionally to simply Aum seemed to draw the focus of energy more into my brain. I just remembered that early on in this, I could almost feel my lips moving in the chanting and was aware of my vocal chords moving.  At the same time I knew this was not really happening physically.  The chant of Aum brought the energy higher into my head and I could see what looked like two arms in my field of vision.  On each arm was a hand but the hands were in some sort of special position that I knew at the time had some special meaning and purpose that I could not quite get hold of then.  Still chanting Aum, the energy seemed to reach a peak, and then one of the hands reached out and softly touched the middle of my forehead just a bit above the bridge of my nose.   At this point, the arms parted and I could see a clear and starry night. I could feel the energy winding down slowly. The starry night became a clear sunny day with a typical house in my view.  I could hear the voices of what may have been the residents of the home.  And then that faded as the energy continued to drop back into my every day awareness.  It took a number of minutes even at this point to get my eyes open and to feel like I could move.  And then, I just laid there awake again for the next hour wondering about it all.