Monday, February 25, 2013

Chanting Aum namah Shivaya- and Aum

This one started with my more typical aum namah Shivaya chant, but as it started I dropped it to just the more simple Aum, and noticed right away that it seemed to add a bit of power to the proceedings.  I had started earlier in the night as I was going to sleep by chanting aum namah Shivaya as I breathed. This was inhale on aum namah  and exhale on Shivaya.  This tends to get me focused and relaxed.  As I realized the vibration energy was starting- or as I got aware of it in any case, I briefly repeated the aum namah Shivaya.  I started to float a bit, and switched to Aum.  The increase in energy compared to the longer chant was quite fast and overwhelming to say the least.

Oddly, I lost control a bit as I was not sure where I was or why. It is not like I thought of anything, or wanted to go any one place.  I found myself landing very solidly on my back on a very hard floor in a closet or store room.  I felt that I was physically in the place.  I was afraid someone had seen me, but as it happened the door was closed.  As I stood up, I heard my shoes squeaking on this floor.  I sneaked out through the door, and found myself in an office setting. If anyone saw me, they did not react, so maybe whoever I was there was expected to be there.

The last time before this, I had stuck to the ”aum namah Shivaya”  chanting. I remained quite focused on it.   I heard voices speaking but could not quite focus enough to decipher what they were saying.  I saw what appeared to be a lattice work of compartments with individual people.  The impression was that the compartments were on the interior of a cylinder that I was floating in.  As I floated and rotated, I saw the people in this latticework.  Maybe it was some sort of gateway to other planes?  No one was there to tell me except maybe the voices.  And I could not follow what they were saying.