Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chanting three and four

It is almost like I have no choice about it anymore. Chanting.

This next time was a week or so ago, and was fairly short in duration. I remember that in my field of vision as chanting began, I saw a dark disk in the center of my vision. I raised my right arm and started circling it around that disk. As I did this, a very colorful kaleidoscope appeared, and stayed for the duration.

Now, just last night it happened again. This time I was on my back, a position I almost never stay while asleep due to it causing me to snore. And even if I have an OOBE while on my back, I usually try to stop it and move to my side. But for this time of inner chanting, I stayed on my back maintaining complete awareness and control of my breathing during the chant. I never once had any problems breathing. One weird thing was that I opened and closed my mouth quickly as if maybe I was trying to actually mouth the words of the chant. What this caused was an amplification of the inner energy surge brought on by chanting. I was aware of noises in the room but kept in the moment. The sensations are so peaceful and I feel like they are very beneficial to me at this point of my life. If I could bottle up this stuff, I could sell it for a fortune. It is everything that an OOBE only hints of as far as sensations go. During these times I feel absolutely at peace and have zero desire to make it change into any other type of experience.

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