Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Dream of a past OOBE

This was not any sort of lucid dream. I remember very little of what happened in a dream until I was near a group of people who were talking to each other. I did not know anyone there but started to listen because they seemed to be talking about other-realms in the non-physical planes.   I sort of budded in and told them I had had an experience close to what they were talking about.  This one was one way early in this blog, called   Confrontation   .

This is pretty weird to me that I could be dreaming, and tell someone in a dream the details I remember from this early OOBE from around 44 years ago.  Maybe the time is getting nearer when I will remember what I had been told “out there”?

Just Heat

Now, a bit ago I had a post that was only a feeling of electricity. .  . Now I have had an OOBE-like event where I just was aware of heat.  It was almost too much heat to be comfortable.  I made an attempt to cool it off a bit, but this cooling seemed to stop the entire thing.  I remember feeling as if my legs and arms were floating free, and that I was otherwise anchored to my more physical body. I could sense the heat in waves coming over me and through me.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More in chanting mode

Last night I was awake and listening to sounds in the room that basically were interrupting my sleep at that point. I stated to see certain images as I listened to the sounds, and the more I tried to see, the more I slid into a weird awake but not quite all awake state.  It was not the same as pre-OOB, but close.  The sounds I heard kept pulling me back to awake, but I slid deeper each time I concentrated on the visuals.

Then the chanting started, and I was immersed in warmth of sound accompanying the chant. The chanting became a melody to accompany the warmth.  I was still consciously aware of my part in keeping up the chants, still the same as noted before.  Om Namah Shivaya, repeated in an ever-changing melody.  This continued for a fairly long time.  There were visuals accompanying all of this, but I do not remember what at this point.  After a long time, the canting ended.

As the chanting ended, I thought I woke up. The surroundings were not as they should be, and I awoke again, thinking I was really awake this time. Again, the events and people seemed OK for a moment, but I realized they were totally wrong eventually.  When I woke up for real, I remembered the events and wondered how I could have been confused about the reality of the first two false awakenings.  It was around an hour and a half since I had seen the time on my clock.