Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just electricity

With chanting and new start sensation- There were two sessions. The first was with massive bird descending towards me. I heard very loud sounds with the chants. Then I saw a group of large birds. The birds faded as someone warned me I should stop this. The second session started and I heard three names. The only one remembered is William Marsden. Then more chanting and heard separate from my chant, a “hari Krishna” chant start up. Well, the only significance to that is that Shiva is the main devote to Krishna, maybe it would follow that chanting to Shiva would lead to hearing the chant to Krishna?  Not that I ever followed any of this really until this started happening to me. As the experience started to fade, a person near me said they wondered how I could do all of this while recovering. ? 

October 26, 2011

This is starting to move beyond what I can attempt to understand as far as what sort of significance these experiences hold. There is now no sense of vibration or sound. I am immersed in electricity. It is in me, I am it. It is me. I cannot even remember a chant initially. Just “om”. It is enough to bring such a surge of energy to and through me. The rest of the chant is added in as I remember it. The surge grows with each new repetition. There is no thought of “out of body” anything.  Why would it matter with “where” I am now- Out of what? It has no meaning.

I am losing interest in this other stuff. Why would I go out of my body? What would it prove at this point? The odd thing is that I have also lost interest in hearing about the out of body experiences of others. What a progression of experiences in my lifetime. . . What does any of it mean?