Friday, June 24, 2011

More and more experiences related to internal chanting

The last two days I have had more happening related to chanting. The experiences of the last two nights have been shorter duration than before, and similar in the lack of anything much happening other than chanting.
Yesterday it was more related to noticing the changes in the sounds-energy relating to the different words of the chant. The Om was the starting baseline energy. Namah seemed to rise in pitch and intensity. Shivaya is a bit lower in energy again. The effect is of creating a wave that grows to a crescendo and recedes again before starting new.

Last night after chanting had begun almost automatically I found myself suddenly materializing in a body and traveling to a sick family member. I do not remember thinking that I wanted to do this, or having any sensation of traveling as I had experienced in other more common types of OOBE. I was just suddenly there. I am not sure if I was any real sort of place at all. Maybe I was just in some other version of reality. What did I do there? I tried to heal of course.

Whatever the chanting is all about, one thing is for sure here. The frequency of my little experiences is way up after just stagnating over recent years. The overall content is questionable, but I feel better for having been doing this recently. And that may be the important thing here.

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  1. And since June 24, absolutely nothing has happened as of August 1. I jinxed myself.