Monday, January 31, 2011

A first of a different kind of OOBE?

I have been doing OOBE work from most of my life since it forced itself on me in my mid teens after initially occurring as a very obnoxious case of sleep paralysis at even earlier age than that, and in all of those events since then, I have never experienced what happened to me last night.

It started out with my being awake and I was tossing and turning a bit trying to get comfortable. I ended up on my right side. Within seconds, I felt that all familiar prickling sensation like a cold chill, but not really, that usually goes into vibrations if I have the correct control of it. I had no idea what to do, but I thought if I tried to open my left eye in the physical realm, it might help to keep me focused on the physical. All I can say is “Wow!” First, I had to fight to keep my eye from closing, and in doing that, the sensations faded a bit. I let them start up again, and re-opened my eye. Then something odd happened.

The eye dropped closed again, and I saw a gradual opening into another world. Right in front of me, maybe ten feet away, was a woman with short dark hair staring back at me. What seemed odd is how fast this perception opened up. Also, she was making eye contact with me. This all seemed to be in very much 3-D and full color with an incredible sense of perspective.

She was talking to me, but I could not hear her and I did not seem to be able to speak myself. A couple of other people came up from the side and slightly behind her, and they made me a bit nervous since I did not seem to be able to communicate and had no idea where I was. So I did what I might think to do in real life. I raised my arm and tried to motion to them to stay back. And I felt and saw my very physical appearing full color arm rising up in front of me very much like it would be in real life. I saw it as my arm, and it was in the place a real arm would be if it were making that motion. I say it was my arm, but it looked nothing like my arm really. It seemed to me that where ever I had landed, I must be someone else than who I am here. I turned away from them, and in that instant, the scene shifted back to a bedroom and a bed.

I was standing on the bed, and as I turned I started to walk off the edge and jumped to the floor. I felt this much as I would physically feel it if I went to do it right now except that gravity seemed a bet less in this place compared to here. I definitely felt it as I landed, but it seemed a bit too springy as I landed. I walked off down a short hallway that roughly corresponded to my own hallway in my house. I ended up in a room where there was a television that had been left on. I thought that this was rather out of character to have left the TV on when I went to bed, but it did not really look like my TV at all, and none of the stuff in my house seemed to correspond to this place. I noticed a digital clock on the top of the TV that said it was a bit past 1:00. I assume it was 1 am because the TV seemed to be showing an infomercial. And it ended just that fast. In my real world it was a bit after 3 am.

All I can say is that this, as short of a time as it took to get into and back out of, was one of the more odd things I have ever experienced. It was nothing like any OOBE I have ever had and I look forward to going there again.