Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just electricity

With chanting and new start sensation- There were two sessions. The first was with massive bird descending towards me. I heard very loud sounds with the chants. Then I saw a group of large birds. The birds faded as someone warned me I should stop this. The second session started and I heard three names. The only one remembered is William Marsden. Then more chanting and heard separate from my chant, a “hari Krishna” chant start up. Well, the only significance to that is that Shiva is the main devote to Krishna, maybe it would follow that chanting to Shiva would lead to hearing the chant to Krishna?  Not that I ever followed any of this really until this started happening to me. As the experience started to fade, a person near me said they wondered how I could do all of this while recovering. ? 

October 26, 2011

This is starting to move beyond what I can attempt to understand as far as what sort of significance these experiences hold. There is now no sense of vibration or sound. I am immersed in electricity. It is in me, I am it. It is me. I cannot even remember a chant initially. Just “om”. It is enough to bring such a surge of energy to and through me. The rest of the chant is added in as I remember it. The surge grows with each new repetition. There is no thought of “out of body” anything.  Why would it matter with “where” I am now- Out of what? It has no meaning.

I am losing interest in this other stuff. Why would I go out of my body? What would it prove at this point? The odd thing is that I have also lost interest in hearing about the out of body experiences of others. What a progression of experiences in my lifetime. . . What does any of it mean? 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More chanting, finally . . . or was it singing?

Just when I was starting to think that nothing would ever happen again, I found myself vibrating again. So naturally, I started to chant again. Why mess with a good thing? But it was more of a song this time. I did use the same chant as far as wording, but instead of flat out chanting, I varied it to a tune that I must have improvised. I certainly did not recognize it anyway. The result was a fascinating looping flight that varied as the melody changed. It may have been totally worthless in the long run, but it felt nice. Towards the end I finally started to have visuals with this, but they totally disrupted the feel of the experience, and it ended shortly after they started.

Friday, June 24, 2011

More and more experiences related to internal chanting

The last two days I have had more happening related to chanting. The experiences of the last two nights have been shorter duration than before, and similar in the lack of anything much happening other than chanting.
Yesterday it was more related to noticing the changes in the sounds-energy relating to the different words of the chant. The Om was the starting baseline energy. Namah seemed to rise in pitch and intensity. Shivaya is a bit lower in energy again. The effect is of creating a wave that grows to a crescendo and recedes again before starting new.

Last night after chanting had begun almost automatically I found myself suddenly materializing in a body and traveling to a sick family member. I do not remember thinking that I wanted to do this, or having any sensation of traveling as I had experienced in other more common types of OOBE. I was just suddenly there. I am not sure if I was any real sort of place at all. Maybe I was just in some other version of reality. What did I do there? I tried to heal of course.

Whatever the chanting is all about, one thing is for sure here. The frequency of my little experiences is way up after just stagnating over recent years. The overall content is questionable, but I feel better for having been doing this recently. And that may be the important thing here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chanting three and four

It is almost like I have no choice about it anymore. Chanting.

This next time was a week or so ago, and was fairly short in duration. I remember that in my field of vision as chanting began, I saw a dark disk in the center of my vision. I raised my right arm and started circling it around that disk. As I did this, a very colorful kaleidoscope appeared, and stayed for the duration.

Now, just last night it happened again. This time I was on my back, a position I almost never stay while asleep due to it causing me to snore. And even if I have an OOBE while on my back, I usually try to stop it and move to my side. But for this time of inner chanting, I stayed on my back maintaining complete awareness and control of my breathing during the chant. I never once had any problems breathing. One weird thing was that I opened and closed my mouth quickly as if maybe I was trying to actually mouth the words of the chant. What this caused was an amplification of the inner energy surge brought on by chanting. I was aware of noises in the room but kept in the moment. The sensations are so peaceful and I feel like they are very beneficial to me at this point of my life. If I could bottle up this stuff, I could sell it for a fortune. It is everything that an OOBE only hints of as far as sensations go. During these times I feel absolutely at peace and have zero desire to make it change into any other type of experience.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

again with chanting

Last night I had a return of the mantra related experience. I woke up a couple of hours after going to bed, and decided to try repeating the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” as I had in the precious entry. After a few minutes, I had a surge of energy similar to what was described before but ever so slightly stronger and smoother. This energy also seemed to pulsate with my repetition of the mantra. I started to flat a bit, but remembered that my goal was not to go out of my body but was to experience this in my body for as long as possible. I raised my right arm above me (non-physically) and noticed that at least two different times something appeared to gently squeeze my hand as if in reassurance. This first episode ended. I turned to look at the clock, and roughly 40 minutes had passed.

I returned to the mantra, and spent at least 3 more periods of going into this state with brief pauses in-between. When I finally decided I had had enough for a while, I looked at the clock again and it was more than two hours later than the last time I had checked.

I did not appear to loose consciousness during any of these periods and have no memory of actually leaving my body after that first brief levitation.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another first time event . . . with chants

“Om Namah Shivaya is known as the great redeeming mantra also known as five-syllable mantra
The meaning :

It means "I bow to Shiva." Shiva is the supreme reality, the inner Self. It is the name given to consciousness that dwells in all. Shiva is the name of your true identity- your self. “
I include that here because for some reason, as my non-physical event started last night, I found that instead of my usual pattern of trying to just get out of my body, I started chanting the above mantra which I had first learned of nearly 30 years ago. I am not entirely sure why I did this, but it prompted another first time type experience.

It started with the familiar “chill” tickle sensation which I have noticed prior to the state from which I normally achieve my OOB vibration state. This starts as a cold-chill type sensation at the lower back of my head, and goes out over my entire body in a manner of seconds. Usually, at this point, I can fall into the vibration energy, but it is not a sure thing. It takes a tricky balance of my desire to achieve it. Tonight, for some reason, instead of trying for the vibration energy, I simply started to chant internally, “Om Namah Shivaya”. I had no sooner started this and the cold chill sensation abruptly switched to a low frequency rumble.

Now, in the past I had had low frequency vibrations that were extremely difficult to take, and have over time raised them to smooth them out so I could even deal with them. There was something basically different about this sensation. As low a frequency as this energy was, maintaining this state seemed like something I could have done for hours. Actually, I am not sure how long I was able to maintain this. At some point as I continued to chant, I realized that the energy I felt seemed tied directly to the chanting, almost like it was a musical backing to the chant. I do not mean to say it had any sort of a tune associated with it. Because of the chant, I had none of my usual feelings of wanting to go anyplace at all, so I just stayed put. Eventually, I tried to move my hand, and then floated just above my seeming physical form. Later I realized that what I was seeing was not really me as I was, but at the time I thought it must be truly my body there. I have a memory of someone else seeing me as I just floated aimlessly, but then I returned to my body and found that the link to this sensation had ended.

I lay there wondering about what had just happened, and the chill started again. I resumed the chant, and the same sensation started to envelope me. This time I just stayed with it as long as I could, again noticing that as low a frequency as the energy was, how easy it was to stay in the grasp of whatever it was. I just kept chanting, and it buzzed around me. As time passed, I realized that my vision had started to change a bit. I started to see more of a lightened blue tone to what I was looking towards. I remember no details of this. I think I was distracted a bit by the changes to my vision, and this caused an end to the sensations.
As far as OOBEs go, this is not much to speak of. But it may be interesting from a meditation standpoint.

Monday, January 31, 2011

A first of a different kind of OOBE?

I have been doing OOBE work from most of my life since it forced itself on me in my mid teens after initially occurring as a very obnoxious case of sleep paralysis at even earlier age than that, and in all of those events since then, I have never experienced what happened to me last night.

It started out with my being awake and I was tossing and turning a bit trying to get comfortable. I ended up on my right side. Within seconds, I felt that all familiar prickling sensation like a cold chill, but not really, that usually goes into vibrations if I have the correct control of it. I had no idea what to do, but I thought if I tried to open my left eye in the physical realm, it might help to keep me focused on the physical. All I can say is “Wow!” First, I had to fight to keep my eye from closing, and in doing that, the sensations faded a bit. I let them start up again, and re-opened my eye. Then something odd happened.

The eye dropped closed again, and I saw a gradual opening into another world. Right in front of me, maybe ten feet away, was a woman with short dark hair staring back at me. What seemed odd is how fast this perception opened up. Also, she was making eye contact with me. This all seemed to be in very much 3-D and full color with an incredible sense of perspective.

She was talking to me, but I could not hear her and I did not seem to be able to speak myself. A couple of other people came up from the side and slightly behind her, and they made me a bit nervous since I did not seem to be able to communicate and had no idea where I was. So I did what I might think to do in real life. I raised my arm and tried to motion to them to stay back. And I felt and saw my very physical appearing full color arm rising up in front of me very much like it would be in real life. I saw it as my arm, and it was in the place a real arm would be if it were making that motion. I say it was my arm, but it looked nothing like my arm really. It seemed to me that where ever I had landed, I must be someone else than who I am here. I turned away from them, and in that instant, the scene shifted back to a bedroom and a bed.

I was standing on the bed, and as I turned I started to walk off the edge and jumped to the floor. I felt this much as I would physically feel it if I went to do it right now except that gravity seemed a bet less in this place compared to here. I definitely felt it as I landed, but it seemed a bit too springy as I landed. I walked off down a short hallway that roughly corresponded to my own hallway in my house. I ended up in a room where there was a television that had been left on. I thought that this was rather out of character to have left the TV on when I went to bed, but it did not really look like my TV at all, and none of the stuff in my house seemed to correspond to this place. I noticed a digital clock on the top of the TV that said it was a bit past 1:00. I assume it was 1 am because the TV seemed to be showing an infomercial. And it ended just that fast. In my real world it was a bit after 3 am.

All I can say is that this, as short of a time as it took to get into and back out of, was one of the more odd things I have ever experienced. It was nothing like any OOBE I have ever had and I look forward to going there again.