Monday, July 26, 2010

Long trip to nowhere

Usually, when I have the vibration experience, I go at least one “place” somewhere- where ever that may be. It is normal in my experiences to leave and come back a number of times. One of those short trips out usually will become a longer stay that will be experienced as having been someplace, or see someone. Not so this time.

This time I was aware of at least 10, if not 15 separate starts and stops- more like a long series of waves of vibrations over an extremely long time. I was awake through it all. I was aware of myself in bed. I could hear outside noises. Wait- some of those outside noises were from a set of sprinklers going in the yard, so that can help pinpoint a time for this. I was aware of the sprinklers for at least the first 5 or so waves. The sprinklers turn off at midnight, and I finally stopped the experience and looked at a clock at 12:30 am. So that puts the time span at least to 30-45 minutes.

A “Wave” is the best way to describe this. There was always a background energy level. The intensity of vibration would build up, come to a crashing crescendo and then rapidly fall off to the background level to only build up again.

The first couple of times I tried my usual activity to leave and go someplace. But I guess I had no clear intention and I would just return again to my body. This is a normal pattern for me. Usually on the next try, I would get out and have a good trip someplace. Once I remember asking to see my guide. I put out my hands and sure enough I felt someone grab them. Off in the distance I could see someone. I heard laughter, and then I was back again. The rest of the experience, I just stayed in, so to speak. I coasted in the experience, just seeing how long it would last, listening to the outside world through the filter of the vibrations, feeling various parts of my body- seeing if I could get a bit more comfortable without killing the vibes. I was amazed at how long it continued. It would build up, and then crash and diminish only to build again.

I lost count of the number of waves that had happened. I could track back the last 5 or so in my head as this was happening, but it started to get a bit hazy when I tried to think of the total overall. Towards what I was beginning to realize would be the end, I tried a visualization experiment. I visualized what turned out to be a heavy ceramic coffee mug. I could feel it in my “hands.” It felt smooth and as heavy as a coffee mug would feel. I wondered what it would feel like to put it to my mouth, and it was just as you would expect. I imagined that there was actually coffee in it and tilted it back to take a drink. I felt the coffee in my mouth, but there was no swallowing. It just sort of was absorbed into my mouth as it came out of the mug. All the while, I could feel the vibrations, and as they started to diminish again, I felt as if it was time to stop all of this and go to sleep.