Thursday, June 17, 2010

Maybe another coincidence

Or maybe not.

There is a person I knew ages ago and have only kept in touch with irregularly since then. In all cases since we have known each other, I have been the one to reestablish contact after a period of absence. I had currently not talked to this person in almost four years. Maybe that is why I chose them for the target person to contact in my OOBE of a couple of days ago. I was going to write about the OOBE right when it happened, but thinking back on it, standing alone, it was not really a remarkable event. And I am not sure I remembered enough details about it to even make it one I chose to include here. That was not until what happened two days later. This person contacted me.

It was not a remarkable OOBE as they go for me. I swung out and seemed to travel in ever increasing spirals as I went where ever I was going. I started to think of my target person, someone from the past more than a current thought in my mind. I was not really sure why I thought of them at this particular time.

After a time of traveling, I found myself flying down towards a sail boat of some sort. Off to one side I saw my target person standing. I continued down to them and made some sort of contact. Thinking back, I am not as sure I recognized them as they appeared to me then, or that I recognized the energy I had associated with them in the past. But, I knew I had the right person.

Overall, the contact was brief and I am not able to remember any one detail of it. That is one reason I was not about to write this one anywhere. What was the point?

Then I heard from them in real life not two days later. Initially, I did not think of the OOBE I had as possibly being related. But, this is the first time since we met almost 40 years ago that they have been the one to approach me after a long time of no contact. Why have they contacted me now? I am not sure. I have never discussed my “hobby” with them and I doubt they would understand. Maybe I am reading more into this than is really there. It is probably just an odd coincidence.