Friday, April 16, 2010

Virtual reality in OOBE

This was a bit odd, even for me. First, I had woken up, or at least I thought I was awake from a strange dream involving an old friend of mine. Last I remembered of it was that we were about to go someplace. Then all of a sudden, I felt the vibrations start up, and before I knew what was happening, I dropped down through the bed and floor and just kept going. Usually, and I think almost all of my experiences are more of the type that I fly out normally. It was odd to go in the complete opposite direction.

I ended up in a place where I saw quite a few people I knew, but they were all a bit different than when I had known them. I was the only one who was floating, and they all seemed to be more in tune with the surrounding laws of physics. It seemed like this was some sort of a gaming facility or that is what I came away with. It was sort of in interacting virtual reality game.

Those already there helped me get grounded and choose what I guess would be an avatar, but this was not really true. It was more that you chose a symbiot. The thing I was given actually merged into my “body” and I was there to help it somehow. And like a good virtual reality game, I had a package around my neck that contained energy pellets and liquid capsules of some sort. And it also had some sort of a weapon. One of the things allowed me to change my appearance.

Once I was ready, I sort of blacked out and became aware of my body in bed. Then I went back to the experience and realized my companions had been carrying me. Once I was back, we went off to do whatever I was there to do. And that is about all I remember about it.