Monday, March 29, 2010

A future trip to the past?

In my last OOBE, it seemed that I went into the future. It turned out to be disappointing though. The place I went was just a dreary un-furnished apartment which I had explored for a minute as I was looking for other occupants. There were packed suitcases and boxes around as if people were either in the process of moving in or out. There were three other adults, and a teenage girl. I was standing in the kitchen with the adults, and the girl was sitting at the table to my right. I went over to a calendar that was posted on the refrigerator door to see what the date was, and noticed it was the year 2117. There was no real sense of it being in the future other than looking at the calendar. The refrigerator in the apartment seemed to be from the 1960s. So that part of it did not make a lot of sense. They did manufacture better quality appliances back then than they do currently, but this would be a stretch of reality to think one would be working in that far future day. One other weird part was that I was not the person I am now. The voice I spoke with was higher pitched than my normal voice. The "me" there, may have actually been a woman.