Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weird dream and false awakening

This was not a typical OOBE for me, or even a lucid dream of an OOB event. It did have a false awakening though, so somehow it fits the category of non-physical.

I was dreaming I was at work at my office job, but not any office I remember ever actually working. I was going to meet my new boss. Everyone else seemed to know this person already. As I was waiting, I suddenly and with no thought of my own stood on one leg, and started to spin. Even though I had not thought of doing this, it seemed normal in some way as if I had known how to do it all my life. This would be like a figure skater doing a scratch spin, but with no skates and no ice.

As I spun, I became aware of energy starting to form around me. And it was spinning with me. When I stopped, the energy went on spinning. I noticed that my boss had entered and was directing some sort of energy field towards me. Maybe, my energy was supposed to shield me from this new person? I am not sure. I put out my hands to defend myself from the beam of energy directed towards me. It was intense. I could not fight it.

I woke up.

Or did I?

I woke up and was confronted by a sudden burst of energy directed towards me from behind. It was partly a force field holding me motionless, and partly a energy beam being directed to various parts of my body at the same time. It was again, very intense. I could not stand the sound or the pressure of the energy being forced through me.

I called out to someone that this was going to kill me. I heard a response, "You will not die. I will die." The torrential stream of energy continued to blast through me.

I said, “This is going to make me crazy!!!” I heard no response. Or there actually was a response, but I could not understand it over the noise.

Then, it stopped.

I thought I was being watched. There was movement near me, and I saw someone peering into the room from above the doorway over the shinning of a small flashlight which had been directed towards me. Then a young girl of around 6-7 walked into the room from the other direction. She had reddish blonde hair cut very short. She just stood there and stared at me. Then the one with the flashlight came in. He was obviously her brother with similar features and hair, and probably 3-4 years older than she was. I have vague memory that a third child, younger than the others was also there, but just at that point I woke up for real.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Long trip to nowhere

Usually, when I have the vibration experience, I go at least one “place” somewhere- where ever that may be. It is normal in my experiences to leave and come back a number of times. One of those short trips out usually will become a longer stay that will be experienced as having been someplace, or see someone. Not so this time.

This time I was aware of at least 10, if not 15 separate starts and stops- more like a long series of waves of vibrations over an extremely long time. I was awake through it all. I was aware of myself in bed. I could hear outside noises. Wait- some of those outside noises were from a set of sprinklers going in the yard, so that can help pinpoint a time for this. I was aware of the sprinklers for at least the first 5 or so waves. The sprinklers turn off at midnight, and I finally stopped the experience and looked at a clock at 12:30 am. So that puts the time span at least to 30-45 minutes.

A “Wave” is the best way to describe this. There was always a background energy level. The intensity of vibration would build up, come to a crashing crescendo and then rapidly fall off to the background level to only build up again.

The first couple of times I tried my usual activity to leave and go someplace. But I guess I had no clear intention and I would just return again to my body. This is a normal pattern for me. Usually on the next try, I would get out and have a good trip someplace. Once I remember asking to see my guide. I put out my hands and sure enough I felt someone grab them. Off in the distance I could see someone. I heard laughter, and then I was back again. The rest of the experience, I just stayed in, so to speak. I coasted in the experience, just seeing how long it would last, listening to the outside world through the filter of the vibrations, feeling various parts of my body- seeing if I could get a bit more comfortable without killing the vibes. I was amazed at how long it continued. It would build up, and then crash and diminish only to build again.

I lost count of the number of waves that had happened. I could track back the last 5 or so in my head as this was happening, but it started to get a bit hazy when I tried to think of the total overall. Towards what I was beginning to realize would be the end, I tried a visualization experiment. I visualized what turned out to be a heavy ceramic coffee mug. I could feel it in my “hands.” It felt smooth and as heavy as a coffee mug would feel. I wondered what it would feel like to put it to my mouth, and it was just as you would expect. I imagined that there was actually coffee in it and tilted it back to take a drink. I felt the coffee in my mouth, but there was no swallowing. It just sort of was absorbed into my mouth as it came out of the mug. All the while, I could feel the vibrations, and as they started to diminish again, I felt as if it was time to stop all of this and go to sleep.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Maybe another coincidence

Or maybe not.

There is a person I knew ages ago and have only kept in touch with irregularly since then. In all cases since we have known each other, I have been the one to reestablish contact after a period of absence. I had currently not talked to this person in almost four years. Maybe that is why I chose them for the target person to contact in my OOBE of a couple of days ago. I was going to write about the OOBE right when it happened, but thinking back on it, standing alone, it was not really a remarkable event. And I am not sure I remembered enough details about it to even make it one I chose to include here. That was not until what happened two days later. This person contacted me.

It was not a remarkable OOBE as they go for me. I swung out and seemed to travel in ever increasing spirals as I went where ever I was going. I started to think of my target person, someone from the past more than a current thought in my mind. I was not really sure why I thought of them at this particular time.

After a time of traveling, I found myself flying down towards a sail boat of some sort. Off to one side I saw my target person standing. I continued down to them and made some sort of contact. Thinking back, I am not as sure I recognized them as they appeared to me then, or that I recognized the energy I had associated with them in the past. But, I knew I had the right person.

Overall, the contact was brief and I am not able to remember any one detail of it. That is one reason I was not about to write this one anywhere. What was the point?

Then I heard from them in real life not two days later. Initially, I did not think of the OOBE I had as possibly being related. But, this is the first time since we met almost 40 years ago that they have been the one to approach me after a long time of no contact. Why have they contacted me now? I am not sure. I have never discussed my “hobby” with them and I doubt they would understand. Maybe I am reading more into this than is really there. It is probably just an odd coincidence.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Virtual reality in OOBE

This was a bit odd, even for me. First, I had woken up, or at least I thought I was awake from a strange dream involving an old friend of mine. Last I remembered of it was that we were about to go someplace. Then all of a sudden, I felt the vibrations start up, and before I knew what was happening, I dropped down through the bed and floor and just kept going. Usually, and I think almost all of my experiences are more of the type that I fly out normally. It was odd to go in the complete opposite direction.

I ended up in a place where I saw quite a few people I knew, but they were all a bit different than when I had known them. I was the only one who was floating, and they all seemed to be more in tune with the surrounding laws of physics. It seemed like this was some sort of a gaming facility or that is what I came away with. It was sort of in interacting virtual reality game.

Those already there helped me get grounded and choose what I guess would be an avatar, but this was not really true. It was more that you chose a symbiot. The thing I was given actually merged into my “body” and I was there to help it somehow. And like a good virtual reality game, I had a package around my neck that contained energy pellets and liquid capsules of some sort. And it also had some sort of a weapon. One of the things allowed me to change my appearance.

Once I was ready, I sort of blacked out and became aware of my body in bed. Then I went back to the experience and realized my companions had been carrying me. Once I was back, we went off to do whatever I was there to do. And that is about all I remember about it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A future trip to the past?

In my last OOBE, it seemed that I went into the future. It turned out to be disappointing though. The place I went was just a dreary un-furnished apartment which I had explored for a minute as I was looking for other occupants. There were packed suitcases and boxes around as if people were either in the process of moving in or out. There were three other adults, and a teenage girl. I was standing in the kitchen with the adults, and the girl was sitting at the table to my right. I went over to a calendar that was posted on the refrigerator door to see what the date was, and noticed it was the year 2117. There was no real sense of it being in the future other than looking at the calendar. The refrigerator in the apartment seemed to be from the 1960s. So that part of it did not make a lot of sense. They did manufacture better quality appliances back then than they do currently, but this would be a stretch of reality to think one would be working in that far future day. One other weird part was that I was not the person I am now. The voice I spoke with was higher pitched than my normal voice. The "me" there, may have actually been a woman.