Monday, October 5, 2009


So, you might wonder what has been going on recently, and I would have to say- Not much. I have had a couple of instances in the last few months where I had numerous vibration episodes in a row.

Once I had various “trips” associated with trying to find and see something identifiable to a target person I had not met previously. In this series, the only reportable “hit” was that the person had short dark hair. That is not much of a hit. I also heard a few things during this series that evidently were not even close to being related to my target person. But, I am only making an assumption of that since he did not mention anything about those things, or what I reported as having been heard.

The second cluster of trips happened a few weeks later. That may be significant for me, since in the past few years, my ability to do OOBEs has been in serious decline for some reason. During this time, the series of trips began with my hearing my spouse saying something to me which I could not really understand. While I was pondering what may have been said, I heard a toilet flush. That is not all that significant unless I also tell you that there are a couple of reasons that I could not have really heard this. The main reason is that it was not the sound that our toilet makes. When I realized this, I also deducted that I probably really did not hear my spouse say anything either. I therefore decided to ignore the distractions, having realized that they were not valid. I had at least five separate trips, each one with stronger vibrations- But there is nothing to tell about the experiences – nothing I can remember anyway. Maybe there is one thing.

I was able to trace the path of my vibrations. I know it has varied over time, but currently, it seems to start in the base of my head and shoot to the top. Then it flows back over my entire body. Vibrations vary for all. Some think it is a passing phase. For me, it has always been an integral part of the experience.

Most recently, I had an experience in which I worked up the vibrations until I knew they were strong enough. I put up both hands, and saw sparks of energy flowing between them. I then decided for whatever reason, to forgo trying to go anywhere, and try to spread some of this energy to my spouse instead. I started by using both hands to position the sparks of energy over her- one at her head, and one at her lower back. Before I knew it, energy was flowing directly from me to her over our entire bodies. I have no idea what was happening, and she did not report anything of significance in the night.