Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not Here, Not Now- Maybe verification?

A member of the Astral Pulse message boards, who also has a blog out here (David Mathis) suggested to me that he had found a web page that had a listing of names in a cemetery. There was one for a person named Henry Sigal Hughes, born 1862 and died 1919. Next to his name was “Father Bo”. I cannot verify that this is the same person that was in my experience, whatever it was, or if maybe it was just a shorthand way to say his father was named Bo. It did not appear from the listing for this cemetery that they did that type of shorthand though. It is an interesting coincidence, if nothing else. If anyone is a member of a genealogy site and would like to try to look this person up so I can learn some details about his life, it may be interesting. I am not sure I want to pay a membership for this service at this point. It is funny how much information claims to be out there, but for a price.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not here, and not now

Last night I had the first real good OOBE-like experience I have had in a fair amount of time. It started after a fairly restless period of time. First, I felt an odd sensation unlike vibrations, but it still put me on guard for the start of an OOBE. Then, I felt like my non-physical self was oscillating slowly in and out of my physical. That stopped, and I thought maybe that brief burst would be all that would happen. Then, everything hit. I found myself rolling in slow motion out of my body and slowly falling to the floor.

People ask at times what one does in an OOBE. I usually have a pre-set goal. For me, this one was completely unexpected so I had no goal in mind when it started. When I find that I have no goal, I usually just ask for whatever type of experience would be beneficial for me at this time. When I had that thought, I immediately took off towards San Francisco. Not that I thought I wanted to go there for any reason. It was just the feeling I had that that was my destination.

First I flew out on my own, and then I became aware of what felt like hands grabbing onto mine. The sensation grew more intense as we went on, almost feeling like I was getting an energy flow from the being or beings helping me. I say “beings” because at the point I was nearing my stop; my “arms” were held perpendicular to my body as whoever had me still held on.

I landed, and immediately saw a person approaching me who was pretty agitated. In fact, it seemed he had a gun, and was pointing it at my head. Already, this is more intense than the usual run of the mill OOBE for me. I felt threatened, and began to realize I was not the person who really was here in this experience. It was like I was another person, and was being judged on how I reacted to this person. Somehow I faced them down long enough for others to get there to take control of the person with the gun. Now the experience gets more interesting.

It now began to dawn on the ‘me’ I was not ‘me’ as I am now, and this person I seemed to be had no memory of me or my current life. I remember seeing San Francisco and walking around for miles at a time to the point my feet got sore. And I could feel them as if I was really doing that at the time. It was a totally immersed in the experience sort of thing.

I got a sensation of knowing that I was a person known as “Father Bo.” I had something to do with counseling persons at risk, or people who were either causing others problems, or the people involved with those persons- like family members of convicts, or others who had problems dealing with society. At one point I remember asking someone what year it was. They said it was 1919, and I remember saying ‘that does not seem possible.’

And the voice was totally different than my own. It was like I heard this person talking to others, and knew we were connected in some way, at least in certain instances. I would hear him talk and know that this was not my voice- but I did not feel apart from being him either. It was very strange.

Towards the end of this I had grown a bit older, and as an older man, was having more trouble with my feet. It was like I was finally realizing that I physically could not do my work anymore. One of the people, who helped me at this point, was helping me soak my aching feet, and massaging my lower legs. I looked down at my legs, and knew they were mine- I know this is odd. Of course they were mine. But this was totally not like anything I have ever felt in a dream or an OOBE. It was a clear detail and feeling that I had a connection to this person. And it was not only my feet that were a problem at this point. I was stiff and sore on most of my right side. When I lifted my feet out of the basin they had been soaking in, my legs had a tremor in them. My helper told me that he did not like the looks of that tremor. I told him that I did not either, and for some reason, I laughed.
Then suddenly, I was back and out of the experience.